Message from Wakayama city in Japan

                                                                                                                                              28, November, 2010

  As I told you, we had moved from Tokyo city to Wakayama city in June, 2006. Because a big nuclear plant has started to make plutonium since March, 2006 in Rokkasho village in Aomori prefecture.

  Since 2008, Naoko has been holding ayurvedic cooking class and raw food class. I'm teaching jazz piano. And I'm also teaching how to use computers, fixing network and selling second hands PCs. Additionally, I have been holding many environment lectures.

  I watched the movie titled "inconvenient truth" in 2008. However there is no information of nuclear power plants in the movie. Actually nuclear power plants are using cold sea water to cool down themselves, so they are always making warm water, 70t/s, 7 degrees centigrade up.

  But the global water shortage will come first. Even we are going to the end now, people in Japan do not quit their job. For saving our children's future, we should quit our job now. We can make our small job by ourselves.

  However we are happy now. we are eating all natural organic foods everyday. My wife cooks dishes with sea salt, soy sauce brewed for one year, miso brewed for one year and the best olive oil made in low temperature and with low pressure.

  In 2008, one day, a family came home to eat special lunch. Naoko served some raw foods first, ayurvedic dishes and macrobiotic dishes for them. I played the piano "Happy birthday" for them. We celebrated one boy and enjoyed peaceful time.

  Best wishes,

Fujikawa Osamu

1-6-39 Matsugaoka, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama-ken
641-0033 Japan
tel. fax. 81-73-460-1555
tel. 073-460-1555(in Japan)

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